Word to life: Alive

Word to life: Alive.
Do you like what you see on the website? Like the videos?
Why not have Word to life come to your Church or group.
Word to life is to start taking bookings for experience days.


What do these days involve?
This can involve Youth events, a day looking at evangelism or a day looking at how you could utilise Social media.

Who will be leading the day?

Gareth, the founder of Word to life ministries will lead the days. With over 5 years’ experience of ministry with adults and youth ministry. He is also CRB checked.

How long is it?
We have a variety of options:
– A Half day.
– A full day.
– Weekend.
– A whole week.

How much does it cost?
Obviously there is a reality of a cost to these sorts of events. We feel at Word to life that the prices are a reasonable reflection to the standard that you will receive but also a justified price for the work that will be put in.
– A Half day – £90
– A whole day – £120
– Weekend – £300
– A whole week – £500
This payment can be made by Cheque or Electronically. The payments will not be made until the booking has been confirmed and agreed by both parties.
How do I apply for this?
Please find the link below to download the application form and send it completed to wordtolife_gareth@outlook.com

Word to life alive form

Still have questions?
Feel free to email us on wordtolife_gareth@outlook.com with any questions that you may have.

One thought on “Word to life: Alive

  1. pastor charles boya

    Hi gareth’iam pastor Charles from triumph ministries international you met at saint Paul centre opening.my prayer for you is to remain bold to spread the gospel of Christ,you are a pillar that is helping the llosts .s.God bless.my email address is pastor.boya@Gmail.com.let stay in touch to impact our communities and the rest of the world.have a wonderful day.

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