The ESV and the English Bible legacy.


Written by Leland Ryken

Crossway 2011

What Bible translation do you use is a question which has had Christians scratching their heads for years. I myself have made the decision for the past few years now that my preferred Bible translation is the ESV. This is for a number of reasons which were touched upon in great detail in this book. I mean great detail. This book blew my mind with the literary criticisms which it talked about. As you can probably tell from my blogs I do not have a degree in English or literature but that didn’t mean this book was too much for me. I found this book complicated but never seemed too advanced in fact Leland (the author) seems to make the point that there are more complicated books out there on this topic.

What does this book offer in my opinion, well it gives a clear argument for the ESV over other translations, but not only does it just say it because they want to sell ESV’s but because they believe that it is better theologically and as a piece of literature. This book has only convinced me more of the need to use the ESV, but has also given to me the history looking at the KJV that I had overlooked and not noticed its brilliance at which this book had no problem changing my opinion on.

Who is this book for? Well I am going to Stick my head out on the line here and say, every Christian should read this book. Every Christian should read a book on the topic of Bible translation. This book has shown me that the discussion of translation is not something done by smart theologians with thousands of letters before and after their name but that this topic is one that helps us bask in marvellous light that is the word of God something which I think you would agree is something that needs studying.

I give this book 9/10

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