“Indulgent Tweets!”

Well I was saddened by the article i recently  found posted all over social network about the Catholic church offering “Indulgences” and time of “purgatory” if you followed a twitter group or attended a certain event. Whats my issue with this, well first of all WHERE IS THE GRACE! In this idea that the catholics have of “Saved by Works”, we see the work of the cross nullified. That we can save ourselves, as long as we do the right thing. Well im catergoriaclly saying that is appauling! that some people feel in their right minds that it is ok to use peoples true and firm believe to take advantage of them.

In the time of Luther and other such anti indulgence preachers, the Pope was collecting money to pay for his new St Peters’ Basillica. it appears with this reason that the only reason for gain in this Indulgence is more  for popularity. My worry is with this scheme, is that like in the reformation times, many many, good Godly christians will fall for this trap that if they do this they get time out of purgatory. which saddens me to the pit of my stomach.

We read in the book of Romans of how Gracious and Loving our God is, All the grace we ever would need was found in Jesus on the cross. There is nothing no man could do to save himself.  So having quashed the arguement that there is anything we could do to save ourseleves from Sin. we move on to purgatory! I have scowered my Bible and i find no reference to a Purgatory.  There is HEAVEN or Hell. That is dependant on if you believe in the saving atoning grace filled blood of Jesus Christ. There is nothing that we could ever do to save ourseleves, we needed Christ.

Please feel free to discuss,

Yours in Christ.