Now that’s a miracle!


I attended a talk over Christmas about the true meaning of Christmas and why the birth of a baby was so significant.
The talk included different philosophers on how Jesus was historically a real person and that there are many different sources accounting the miracles.
At the end of the talk someone asked how we can relate to this today as we don’t have miracles.
In response to this question I was eager to reply that we do have miracles. But it wasn’t my place at the time.

I would like to share that we do in fact experience miracles today in the same way that Jesus performed them when we was with us on earth.
These miracles are personal miracles. We can call them Mini Miracles. They might not be to the same extent as feeding the 5,000.
But that miracle affected 5,000 people individually. Their own mini-miracle of being fed. They experienced it. Just because lots of people experienced the same mini miracle at the same time doesn’t belittle the mini miracles that people experience in their daily lives through the Holy Spirit and God’s omnipresence. God created the earth. He was performing miracles before Jesus was on the earth and he’s performing them after, even right now. In the same way that the people witnessed and experienced mini miracles of their own through Jesus, we can witness and experience them today.

What do we class as a miracle? Something that happens that is seemingly impossible.
Taking this recognition into account let’s look at some examples. The first being the -flame above the disciples heads – meaning that they can speak to everyone about Christianity in different languages, automatically. Acts 2:1-12  This was a miracle. A miracle for the disciples. And this would result in mini miracles for the people who they spoke to. But this was after Jesus had physically left them.
So after Jesus had gone to heaven, miracles could still occur.

We hear of many different miracles, the more dramatic such as healings, people speaking in tongues or visions.

But I think we often miss out  those miracles such as Churches running food banks which in some community’s sustain and help those in the most need. Doing all of it in the name of the Lord Jesus.

The Young person who in this 21st century of  rational thinking and a hatred of all things religions, dares to be different and choose to live a different life.

Now these miracles may seem a lot like good deeds and the more “miracles” you do in your life leads to your salvation. Well I want to categorically deny that is not what I’m saying. these mini miracles which I have mentioned as the miracles that were experienced in the Bible  were there to point to Jesus. To his divinity, to the salvation that can only be obtained through him. Pointing to the remarkable miracle that God sent His only Son to die on the Cross and rise again to defeat death and open up the gates so that we may walk free of the grasps of death and hell.

Feel free to comment if you would like to share some experiences of miracles. A testimony of how God has moved and worked in and through your life, It might act as ministry/evangelism to your friends or have a think about events in your life that you could consider to be a miracle. I hope reading this and other comments will encourage you.

God Bless


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Trust in the Lord!

Exodus 14:1-14

So we come into this true story at quite a stage don’t we, the Israelites find themselves in a real backs to the wall situation, it seems like all hope is lost, they find themselves having experienced freedom for a short while appear to have been caught. Like now is there last few moments of freedom, The last few moments on Earth potentially. But as Gods chosen people, he did not, and will not stand by and watch his chosen people to be slaughtered by the shores of the red sea. So lets see why God did this and how it relates to us.

Point 1: Glory to God alone.

So looking firstly at verse 1-9 we find the Israelites in a bit of a pickle, I mean from a military standpoint God’s detour which he tells them to do 1-3 must have and did make Pharaoh think hang on a tick they must be lost and confused, we don’t know the exact place of where Moses was directed to take the people we know though that they were real and in a vulnerable place. See Gods actually military plan was a lure a trap if you like, see God wanted the glory of the victory at the Egyptians expense. Now I don’t know about you but this should be getting the alarm bells ringing that you have heard of a similar plan by God. And hopefully you know this story, it was through Jesus on the cross Satan must have thought Jesus had no clue what he was doing, he was the son of God handing himself over to die on a cross. on the cross he was vulnerable, Satan had the strategic advantage, but this was the devils fatal mistake, The cross was not a defeat for Jesus it was a victory, by dyeing for us he had an eternal victory over,sin,death and Satan.  Moving on to verse 4 God needed Pharaoh  to fall for his plan so what he did was he hardened Pharaohs heart, but Pharaohs change of heart showed one thing, that he never truly repented of his sins, Pharaoh had chance after chance after chance, he asked Moses to pray for him, he even asked for Gods blessing,yet he still rebelled against God, its an example to anyone who never quite gets around to doing what God requires. What God wants is total commitment to him, right here right now for the rest of our lives.

Point 2: When Under Satanic attack, Stand firm!!!!

This all sounds great commitment, right as Christians we can work on that but, and its a big but, Satan will not give up without a fight as the Israelites soon discovered. look at verse 10. What the Israelites saw was a slave master with an army with the most advanced technology in the world at that time. they find themselves in a desperate situation between Pharaoh and the deep blue sea, and instead of looking for Gods grace and strength they looked at their enemies and were terrified, see its fairly disappointing that they do this because they had witnessed all ten plagues, they had seen the wonders that God can do, not to mention the fact they escaped from Egypt only the night before. this is another place where it reflects our own salvation because no sooner after we make a commitment to Christ the doubts start to seep in, they start to discourage us, Satan begins to tempt, and as it says in the parable of the sower, some fall away after troubles, Satan does not give up without a fight, this is not surprising when you imagine we were once his slaves and he wants nothing more than to have us back. but see once God has set us free, Satan has no right to take us back. So what what should we do in this situation, well do what the Israelites did which was in verse 10, cry out to the lord.So how can we escape all this? well by making our stand, Moses tells the people in verse 13, 14 to not be afraid, stand frim and be still which in military situations seems ridiculously suicidal. but see the Israelites were not soldiers they were just spectators and same applies to our salvation to, see Satan is pursuing us, but instead of running away, all we need do see the salvation of our God Which brings glory to him because of his victory. Christianity is not about what we can do, its all about what Jesus has done through the cross and the empty tomb, Jesus has accomplished all for our salvation, he is the one who atoned for sin, who has turned aside Gods wrath, who offers perfect righteousness as a gift of faith. once we put our faith in Jesus we need to stand our ground, it is hard to be still and wait for God, we are tempted to turn and run, cry out in fear, or try to deal with it ourselves, instead trust Gods command to stand your ground, he is our defender our champion.


We see here Gods glory through salvation and judgement in this passage, It showed in Gods character that he was Just and righteous. He is a faithful God, he told the Egyptians that he would redeem them from Egypt. and he did. he did this also for us, he said he would wipe away our iniquities and save us from our sin and bring glory to himself and he did that in the  cross, the red sea crossing is a great miraculous thing but what Jesus did on the cross is much more glorifying, and we should glorify God for what he did by saving us on the cross. He is our defender and our champion all to his Glory.

My girlfriend wrote this when she was 10.

Recently, my girlfriend stumbled upon an old piece of school work. The piece of work was done by her when she was a 10 year old. Now you may be wondering why I would put a piece of school work up on the Word to Life blog. Well I think if you read it, especially with the context of the release of the new Noah film, and the state of the worlds climate with the recent large amount of smog that hit the United Kingdom, I am sure you can see why this powerful piece written by a 10 year old is so poignant.

I do hope you appreciate some of the truths which fall from it, God created a masterpiece but through the sin of the first humans Adam and Eve we marred the broken world that we live in. God decided to try to stem the flow of the evil and trouble in the world through what he did at the time of Noah, I will leave this piece to talk for itself now:

‘Nature is the art of God’


This is the motto that we should all live by. It says that we should respect Gods world. Like we respect Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. No one would drop rubbish on that if people lived on the amazing piece of art work which it is. But God is the greatest artist of all. So why should we spoil his creation. We are polluting the air and sea, we are destroying rain forests so one day we will starve and suffocate in our environment we call home. God creating earth has another similarity to the Mona Lisa, Leonardo first painted her without a smile so then he went through drastic measures to make her better so he gave her a smile, we can relate to these changes in the Bible, the story of Noah. God did not like one part of his creation, how bad people were. So he went to great lengths to get it right, even flooding the whole world saving only Noah and his family. Most of the famous art work of centuries ago that still ‘live’ today are priceless. The earth has been here for millions of years and it needs our respect as it is more than priceless.

Let me know what you thought of this piece of work.

I hope it has had an impact on you, as I felt it was thought provoking.

God bless