The only New Years Resolution you will ever need!


Some how as it does every year Christmas has come and gone and we are on the last hurdle of this festive season. This final hurdle is New year. This is the time filled with family celebrations and everybody making bold claims that they are going to change their life in some way. This may be to take up hobbies, to quit drinking or smoking or go on a diet. These are all great things but if we are honest we make them and before the end of the first month or even week we fail to stick to it.

Today however I am going to tell you of the only New Years resolution you will ever need! That resolution is to make a commitment to Jesus Christ. To accept him as your Lord and Saviour. Now before you stop reading let me tell you why this will be the best resolution ever.

Firstly in Christ you find forgiveness.

We all mess up sometimes, we make mistakes and some are worse than others but these mistakes are known as sin, this is part of being Human since something known as The Fall, where sin first entered the world. These sins that we commit creates a block between us and God. So God decided he would put a sledgehammer to that obstacle. He sent Jesus to die for us, by that I mean he took the punishment for the sin of all those who trust in Him. So that means that Jesus came to take the punishment for the things that we do wrong.


Secondly in Christ there is hope.

You may be sat there wondering what hope? Why don’t I as a non- Christian have hope. You see because of what we discussed in our first point, if we don’t turn to Christ to look for forgiveness then the only outcome is Hell. But see through Christ, and through the forgiveness we find in him, he has also unlocked the door to Heaven for us. This means an eternity living in perfection and surrounded by God’s love and glory. When describing what Heaven is like, words can not describe it’s brilliance and it’s only through Christ that we can enter.


Finally in Christ you are loved.

Family love is unconditional. When we do something wrong as children our parents are always quick to forgive and support. The reason for that is love. In the same way, in God’s perfect love, he chose to send his son for us. He did not hold back because of the love he has for us. That love continues. That love has never stopped. As it say:


1 Corinthians 13

Love never fails.

God’s love never fails. God will forgive all those who trust in him. This means because of his love for us, no one is past forgiveness. No matter who you are, what you have done. If you turn to God with a truly repentant heart. You will be forgiven.


So they are three reasons of many why this New year your resolution should be to turn to Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

Happy New Year!

God bless


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