My fight between, young Earth creation and Evolution and the big bang Theory.

Now first and foremost im not going to claim that I think you should believe one view or another but I am going to show you the arguements that I myself am struggling with. So I will look at the Young Earth Creation compared to other views (I.E. the big bang, evolution)

So the key thing that I have been debating is with evolution. So the point that i want to make does not start with Genesis as you make expect but actually with Romans 5: 12-21. The key theme of this is that we had Death in Adam but life in Christ. So this is the reality of the Fall back in Genesis 3, where because of the sin of Adam and Eve we all were covered in sin. Forever tainted by sin. Now we needed Christ to come and die for our sin, so that we could be born again in righteousness. But the reason why this has lead me to question Evolution is because, the key thing that is a result of The Fall is Death.

By the Sweat of your face

you shall eat bread,

till you return to the ground,

for out of it you were taken;

for you are dust,

and to dust you shall return.

Genesis 3: 19

This is the passage that shows as a result of sin, we will no longer be eternal. There will be death, But Note this is after Adam and Eve have been created. If Evolution was a correct theory that would suggest that to progress there must have been Death. For evolution to be correct it would have to have been after The Fall that it came to be. Now I am not saying that I am completly convinced but for me that does make quite a convincing arguement for Young Earth creationism. Equally i accept that there is fossils, there are “proof” that all the stages of evolution. But scripture which I Believe to be the Word of God and so should all Christians seems to disagree with this theory completly. This is my main conflict with the creation of the world. I guess the question I am asking myself, is how Big do I consider God. DO i consider God the creator master of the cosmos, who could create things to appear thousands of years old even though they were created 2 days before, OR do we believe that God couldnt do that and that the word of God contradicts itself to many times so we cant really trust any of it. This is the conflict I am struggling with, please note I’m not in this for an arguement, to try to prove some people wrong, im doing this to show you the conflict between these issues. Please leave a comment on what you think of these issues but please no arguing.

Thanks for reading,
God bless.



10 thoughts on “My fight between, young Earth creation and Evolution and the big bang Theory.

  1. Yes, God undoubtedly could create things with the appearance of being old – my question is whether he would do so, and why? Apart from the existence of the fossil record etc., the large-scale structures of the universe also seem to indicate a time-scale of billions of years – unless the other galaxies and most of the stars in our own galaxy were created with the light they would have emitted and the gravitational influence they would have exerted had they been much older. In other words, if God did create the universe in 4000 BC, he seems to have done it in a way that would deceive us – that’s not what I see in the God of the Bible.

    When the first chapters of Genesis were inspired by God, I don’t think that they were intended to answer questions of geology, astronomy and biology that we’re asking now – questions people hadn’t even thought of then. I think they were intended to address issues that mattered just as much then as they do now; what it means to be human, how we’re meant to relate to God, to creation and to each other, how the world’s meant to work and how we’ve messed it up.

    I believe that the first 11 chapters of Genesis use myth, poetry etc. to express absolute truth – but about meaning and relationship rather than about mechanisms.

    Sorry, this ended up as an essay rather than a comment! Happy to discuss further but I’ll stop writing before I outstay my welcome and anyone’s interest…

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  3. […] My fight between, young Earth creation and Evolution and the big bang Theory. ( […]

  4. […] My fight between, young Earth creation and Evolution and the big bang Theory. ( […]

  5. That is a good question you are asking there… 🙂
    Someone gave me a really good book that deals with this and some other evolution questions, its called “Should Christians Embrace Evolution?” by Norman C. Nevin (ed.). I would suggest reading it – it’s good!:)
    In regards to appearance of age, that book has a good quote. “It may be pointed out that God did not deliberately set out to create things that look old, but that in creating he made things complete and whole; thus Adam and Eve, the animals and plants were created as mature entities having the appearance of age, not because of a desire to deceive on God’s part, but out of His sovereign choice to make beings with physical maturity, an entirely sensible decision bearing in mind the need for paternal care towards the immature.’ p 90 – 91

    • Thanks for the comment Lelde, I have had that quote sent to me, I definetly should check out that book. I think that this debate is a secondary issue which divides so many in the Church but I do feel it is an important one. I am delighted that you are looking into the topic as so few people touch it.
      John Calvin the reformation hero said in regards to God creating the world in six days:
      Here the error of those is manifestly refuted, who maintain that the world was made in a moment. For it is too violent a cavil to contend that Moses distributes the work which God perfected at once into six days, for the mere purpose of conveying instruction. Let us rather conclude that God himself took the space of six days, for the purpose of accommodating his works to the capacity of men.’

      ‘I have said above that six days were employed in the formation of the world; not that God, to whom one moment is as a thousand years, had need of this succession of time, but that he might engage us in the contemplation of his works.’

      I am more than happy to keep up the conversation.
      God bless,

  6. Sarah Donovan

    Hi Gareth, The title of your article caught my attention. So, I found the above article and read it. I can support the “big bang theory”. Simply because “In the beginning was the Word…” God created the universes through His Word, Jesus being The Word. Jesus commanded the elements to form. BANG! There’s the planets, the stars, the moons, and so much more. It certainly did not happen in a blink if an eye. It took a process which includes time. How long? Only the Father, Son & Holy Ghost knows since they were the only noted ones present. But, your points of possible evolution AFTER the fall of man negates evolution by your own theory. True evolution refutes the “creation” of earth, man and all forms of life by an unseeable entity. I.E. We cannot see God, so therefore, He cannot exist. Evolution is a “theory” that we were formed by organisms originating in the lakes and oceans. That as we “evolved” we simply developed enough to grow legs and walk right out of the bodies of water onto dry land. Thus denying a Heavenly Father who birthed a man in His own image from the very Earth (“dirt”) which he created to provide for His created child. Evolution would, by necessity, have to proceed (come before) Adam. Eve is an entirely different story because she was formed by a rib being taken from Adam. The first documented surgery. Thus again, disallowing the “theory” of evolution. Those who oppose Jesus and are leading us towards the rule of the Last Days Anti-Christ keep the facts about fossils, carbon dating, time frames, etc. hidden from the general population. Their goal being to deceive the world. Jesus warns us to be careful of these wolves in sheeps clothing in these last days. Anything refuting the existence of Yahweh (God), Jesus (His only Son), & the Holy Ghost (our Spiritual guide) is to not even be considered. Through your article I discern your confusion. Clarity is from Christ, Confusion is from Satan. Your love for Jesus is a strong witness for others who may not be where you are in your relationship with Jesus. I encourage you to seek more scripture & truth through His Word so your testimony can enrich unbelievers towards believing. Evolution leads people in the opposite direction of Jesus. I pray Jesus, through the Holy Ghost leads you in Truth. God bless you.

    • Thanks for your comment Sarah, I apprieciate the time you have put into your comment. It is something which I feel will divide Christians for a long time. I feel after watching the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, I am convinced now that God created the World in six days and evolution has still not convinced me otherwise.
      Please feel free to look through other parts to the Word to life network. Facebook/Twitter/YouTube.

      God bless

  7. […] My fight between, young Earth creation and Evolution and the big bang Theory. ( […]

  8. […] My fight between, young Earth creation and Evolution and the big bang Theory. ( […]

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