So Another Week in Ministry!

Hello all, from my last post you will be able to gather i was preaching at my Home church on The Good Samaritan, which went down very well from the response i got. Certinaly was an encouragement for me, but also it challenged many people which was great. Praying that God works there. So this week ahead of me has been shaped really around a chapter from the John Piper book Pierced by the word. especailly on the disscusion of Assurance. the point that stood out to me was the following:

Assurance is a fight to the day we die.

Fight the good fight of Faith. Take Hold of the Eternal Life. (1 Timothy 6:12)

I have Fought the good fight, i have finished the race, i have kept the Faith. (2 Timothy 4:7)


This is not me telling anyone i am dying, i am (praise God/God willing) a healthy 20 year old, but i will be visting people this week, who are in there 90’s and have fought the good fight and have run the race, so this means they have the assurance that they are safe in Christ. Their Lifes are testimony and as i meet with them, they may be questioning the end, i will encourage them, and i encourage you, that it is not all a mystery, it is Gods will for us to have assurance, as the point is made in Hebrews 6. But that by no means makes it easy for them, or those left behind. Because of that we need to cling to the Cross of Christ, trusting in the sacrifice on the cross, which Saves all who trust in it.

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God Bless


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